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Good Fortune Belt for The Mothers who have turned into Orisa. This is sacred pwen.

Good Fortune Belt for The Mothers who have turned into Orisa. This is sacred pwen.

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Move forward with Good Fortune Charms in your life.  🕯 
The belt is only for ajè women approved by the women that walk with me.

This modification is provided for your safety and development.  

You must be approved by the witches in order to buy this Irè Belt from my houses.  This is only for Iyami women who are inducted into my houses.  I know I said it thrice. 

I can only provide custom pwen and jewelry to the mothers from now on.  This goes for mirrors, custom jewelry or pwen.  Custom jewelry, pwen and mirrors are only available to my witches. 

It’s not up for debate.  You don’t neva have to like nor love anything I say or do.  You don’t have to like anything I’ve said nor done.  You do not have to like me.  You do not have to participate fully in any of my culture nor be in my environment.  You do not have to participate— you simply will not be jeweled according to the mothers/ the witches/ the ajè/ the beautiful birds/ those I walk with/ those I adore/ those who adorn me. 

If you’re a mother, hello & how are you?  Welcome. You are invited to the party.  Good luck.


Enhanced by the goddess Fortuna

For blessings, good luck, good fortune, magic, love, lust, attraction, protection, empowerment, psychic development and positive changes. 

Potential Belt Items include, but are not limited to:
Bottle of herbs
Bottle of oil
Tiger cowrie
Oak twig
Clay shapes such as a tree or skull 
Custom self-healing aluminum stamped charms (up to 20)
Wrapped crystal charm
crystal beads/ balls
A KEY to unlock doors of abundance 🗝 

Copper, aluminum, or traditional (cotton or polyester)
12 charms plus letter stamps
You may add additional charms as you go
Belt is removable

Descriptions of the intention of each item included. 

8 days of construction & communication + feedback.
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