Ruminations about my ancestral bloodline cleanser.... for your perusal.

Ruminations about my ancestral bloodline cleanser.... for your perusal.

It was my father who first taught me the name of the "Indian" tribe from which we hail, and that was one of his greatest gifts to me.

My grandmother still talks about them and I still listen. Can’t help but to cry when they visit so that is what I do every thanksgiving. I pay homage to them. Somebody gotta remember. Every house is different.

On my mother’s side, through her mother, we have Haitian ancestors. They told me I’m a Maroon. We knew just because of the fact that when she got her ancestor shrine I was told to do vodou instead of Ifa. She was already initiated but my ancestors that speak French and practice voodoo have mounted each of us in different rituals, in different cities, run by different houngan while we were separate. Additionally I have had someone tell me oh you have Haitian blood. “You have Haitian ancestors.” I just didn’t know how so I didn’t believe him. Lol

After I made my candle today they said, “Haitian.” and gave me the connection. This also validates the message that came from Erzuli Danto when she told me that she is my relative (from the first time we met). I only told like one person (my houngan who gave me my lave tet) but she has repeated this message on 3 occasions and now I understand it totally.

My mother and some of her siblings were the first to leave Louisiana. They were there for hundreds of years. New Orleans has Vodou in the blood of most of its people, even when they’re Cat’lic so it’s called voodoo now. But them egun. They have the asè. Their descendants are not worth messing with, especially when they have the support of their ancestors. People who ignore them get ignored. Iba se to New Orleans and its descendants who produce good fruit.

Get your bloodline cleanser so you can hear from your ancestors. Clear the way. It’s crazy.

As a medium, I do not sit and talk to spirit for long periods of time every time I receive a message. The reason is that I would have no life. So when I leave loose ends on my messages it is to ensure that I can sustain a healthy balance.

Upon using my cleansing magic, I discovered that in spite of my ancestors who adore church and gospel, the “leader” of the egun of my bloodline said, “there’s no Jesus with your blood girl.” They also taught me, “We don’t believe in forgiveness.”

Since connecting with them, my asè increased 3 fold. Oya can’t be beaten. Oya is mother to all egun. I have true spirits considered “gods” in my bloodline. I learned by using my cleanser.

Who can you contact?

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